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The history of the hotel "Intourist-Zakarpatye"

 Far today the year of 1979. In the centre of Uzhgorod, in short terms -30 months appeared the beautiful hotel "Intourist- Zakarpatye." At that time, it was a miracle, a high sample of architectural creativity of Hungarian, Czech, Ukrainian and Transcarpathian builders The hotel was considered one of the largest and most modern tourist complex in Ukraine, and certainly the largest in the Transcarpathian region. In just a few years the hotel fame spread throughout the former USSR. And it was worth it - great staff, beautiful and modern restaurant, the best dishes of Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, first-class comfort and quality of room service, huge amount of entertainment . All this was possible in our hotel "Intourist- Zakarpatye ". The hotel attracted guests and tourists like a magnet, and the most frequently used phrase of reception service was: "Excuse me, please, but there are no free rooms." The enterprise within 5 years, from 1988 to 1992, was the winner of the All-Union socialist competition teams and organizations of the USSR State Committee and was awarded the red flag of the CPSU Central Committee, USSR Council of Ministers. This award was considered one of the most significant in the USSR that days. And it lasted for a long time. Every year the glorious traditions of hospitality, skills of restaurant chefs, a high level of service and quality were built on the efforts of all employees who could be proud of the opportunity to work at the hotel "Intourist- Zakarpatye."

Then came the decline. During the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of these hotels and tourist complexes all over Ukraine were left without owners presented on their owns. So, this unfortunately happened to our hotel "Intourist-Zakarpatye " In the 90 years the hotel still worked by inertia accepting tourists, but it lost “raisin” that gave the hotel its fame and popularity. Hotel required careful treatment, master's approach to all solutions to the problems in meeting the needs of its guests, in order to continue being the best and most comfortable in Transcarpathia.

And now, after quite long damp the hotel "Intourist- Zakarpatye " revived again. Today, gradually, year after year, the hotel returns to its former glory. Thanks to the great efforts and hard work our hotel is bringing back its former fame, high level of comfort, accommodation and service.

In the shortest possible more than 60 rooms in the hotel were reconstructed, restored. Rooms combine modern features and design Also  were restored several exclusive rooms - category "Super Suite". Renovation of key count happens constantly. A restoration was made to the entrance, reception, many administrative and office rooms. A new modern boiler-house was installed that provides hotel with hot water around-the-clock, regardless of municipal water supply. New elevators of system "Otis" - the most comfortable and safe elevators in the world were put into service.

Also, the hotel was conducted   with many modern innovations. It consists of information center, the department of inbound and tourism. "Intourist-Zakarpatye " became "best travel agent of Transcarpathia" from 2006 to 2008 on the international tourist exhibition "TourEurocentre - Transcarpathia." Another type of services is developing recently - conference-service. The hotel has the modern conference hall for 120 people, holding coffee breaks and business lunches, dinners, conducting recreational activities.

There are many possible services for visitors and tourists massage room, billiard bar, the car- rent, currency exchange and secure parking.

Much attention is paid to training employees and staff. Politeness, courtesy, kindness and comfort of each guest - that is the covenant of each employee in the hotel "Intourist- Zakarpatye."

Thus, every year the hotel revives, gets the previous form and popularity. More and more people trust it their relaxation and comfort. Faithful to its tradition and good reputation our hotel invites everyone in order to make oneself at home - "Welcome home!"

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